LOVE Wood Agate Wishing Stone in 14K Necklace


Introducing our one-of-a-kind Wishing Pebbles. Traditionally a wishing stone is a found rock or pebble with a line that goes all the way around it, for luck. For Jane Win, everything starts with LOVE, so our Wishing Rocks include a heart. Each stone is different, but the power of the love is universal. Wear this Wishing Stone as something to hold onto for good luck, to help you focus on making your wishes come true.

  • Polished agate made from fossilized wood stone with a pink tourmaline Heart and 14k gold accents.

  • 1" in height with a 4mm pink tourmaline stone.

  • 14k gold bail can fit a variety of chains

  • Chain is Gold Beaded Chain (Satellite Chain 18") in 14k 

PLEASE NOTE: This product is excluded from any discounts.