Gessato Beverage - Set of 2


Zafferano design begins with the brilliance of Federico de Majo. And de Majo’s design journey begins at his youth, watching the Murano glassmakers of his native Venice. From this history — and centuries of Murano craftsmanship — comes an array of beautiful glassware suited to almost any style of entertaining.

The product line includes the simple and elegant lines of Intrecci, suited for beverage service or statement serving bowls and tableware, all the way to cocktail service elevated by so many flavors of whimsy.

Available in Transparent with White. Accentuate your Table with the Gessato Tumblers in Centre Pointe's signature colors (BLUE and TURQUOISE with highlights of APPLE GREEN).

  • Height - 5.3"
  • Diameter - 3.1"
  • Capacity - 16oz
  • Dishwasher Safe