Body & Hand Lotion - 350ML - A Saint-Tropez


The mythical village of Saint Tropez is represented in a stylized way on the glass thanks to the silk-screened decoration full of gold and color. The hand and body lotion is a decorative object as it reveals a delicately colored texture. The lotion’s texture is light and is applied like a second skin with a fresh and comforting moisturizing effect.

The Baobab Collection Saint Tropez hand and body lotion’s fragrance is refreshing and energizing. Mint is the top note that gives the fragrance its full freshness. However, a fruitier heart note can be detected, suggesting notes of blackcurrant. This perfume fully embodies its summer inspiration. It was imagined as a moment of vacation on the port of Saint Tropez where the aroma of the Mediterranean summer meets the sun.
We recommend using it as often as necessary, preferably in the morning after showering, and gently massaging all parts of your body to allow the lotion to penetrate. It is light and not greasy, its absorption is immediate. As you massage, the fragrance spreads over your body like a comforting and enveloping veil. A moment of extreme softness to be repeated daily.
The Saint Tropez hand and body lotion is composed of two major ingredients sourced from an ethical network in Africa. First, Baobab oil extracted from the seeds of the Baobab fruit. This oil protects, moisturizes and softens the skin. The active ingredient of Baobab fruit, 6 times more concentrated than in other fruit ingredients, is then added to the formula. This active ingredient comes from the pulp of the fruit, and is rich in Vitamin C. It has antioxidant properties that help fight against free radicals, responsible for aging. It also helps to purify and moisturize with a "velvety" effect that leaves the skin smooth, soothed and repaired. The formula was developed in a French laboratory in compliance with current industry standards and the environment without harmful ingredients.