SuperFizz - Bath Salts


Handcrafted Bath Salts - Made in small batches and available in four scents.

We use only natural ingredients in our products. To make sure you know exactly what’s contained in our products we list all ingredients in each product listing. There are no animal products used in our Bath Bombs or Fizz Salts.

To help the product(s) from drying out or losing scent, keep your product(s) out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat. Store in a cool, dark place when possible. For Fizz Salts always make sure to tightly secure the lid after use.

Our products are small-batch created so they are fresh and the best when you receive them. Using the product as soon as you can is optimal, since the longer the product sits the potency can be reduced. Don’t worry though! The product is still good to use and it has no impact on the overall effect of the product.  

Gavin and Caidyn are the brother sister duo behind Super Fizz Soaps. Like a lot of young students this year, they experienced the disruption that COVID-19 brought to their daily lives.