Red Rim Glassware


Design Bertil Vallien

“Back to basics. I wanted to create a classic, decorative and functional series that celebrates craftsmanship and the innate beauty of the glass.”

Red Rim is hand-made in several steps. First, the first parison of lead-free crystal is rolled in powdered color. The color is then heated before the parison is blown into a shape that gives the molten glass its optical pattern. Clear glass is gathered over the parison to enclose the optical pattern in the glass, and then the glass is blown into its final form and shaped into a bowl or a vase. Finally, the piece is attached to a glass-blowing pipe and blown up a touch more before the red rim is applied from a color rod.

Large Bowl: H: 6.286 W: 11.429

Small Bowl: H: 4.0 W: 8.5

Vase: H: 9.667 W: 6.667