Rattan Thermos


An old German company, now disappeared, once produced a thermos wrapped in natural wicker. We thought it was such a good idea and so good looking, we designed our own version in two sizes- 1.5 liter & 2.0 liter. Because thermoses are so often used to dispense coffee, we clad ours in washable, stain-resistant faux rattan – perfect for poolside or your yacht. 

        Keeps beverages piping hot or nicely chilled

        Perfect for bedside refreshment

        Insulated stainless steel thermos

        Hinged thumb-release cap

        Resilient, outdoor-safe faux rattan

        Fully woven bottom for level placement


Two sizes:

    o    2 Liter – 12.25"H x 6"Diam

    o    1.5 Liter – 10.50"H x 6"Diam

Hand wash only