"Inspire & Create" - Aromatherapy Body Oil


Soothing, stress-relieving body oil with organic essential oils that is designed to be used when feeling "stuck" with an idea or while working on a project. The aroma of essential oil blend is therapeutic, while the oil is nourishing to the skin. *Helps reduce stress related to anxiety, pressure, and lack of motivation. Calming, soothing, yet stimulating. *Key notes: Lime, spearmint, rosemary, lemongrass *Oil ingredients: Organic essential oils, organic apricot kernel, almond oil, organic argan oil. *The spices/flowers/herbs floating in the oil are inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, and the essential oil blend is inspired by medicinal French aromatherapy.

Regular size: 60ml / 2oz

Traveler size: 15ml / 0.5oz

Essential Oil blend formulated by a clinical aromatherapist.

Made in USA. Cruelty-free. Women-Owned. Family-owned.