Hydrating Hand Sanitizer



New Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Gel with Spruce, Lavender and Rosalina Essential Oils will Kill germs while moisturizing your skin. This luxurious Mix of 100% Pure Essential Oils, Aloe Vera and Alcohol will leave your hands feeling clean, germ free and soft. 

Available in two size bottles: 2 FL oz and 8 FL oz 

A percentage of every Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Sale from this company has been donated to God’s Love We Deliver that cooks and home-delivers nutritious, medically tailored meals for people too sick to shop or cook for themselves. 

Note: This formula is more watery than a regular thick gel side since we raised the Alcohol Level to 70% for a higher germ killing efficiency due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This new stronger formula although more watery performs much better than a gel with 60-65% Alcohol Content. Please only use on your hands. 

Made with  Aloe Vera Gel, Now with 70% Alcohol! and 100% pure essential oils of Spruce, Lavender, Marjoram, Rosalina, and Lemon.

According to the CDC website, an effective hand sanitizer has between 60% and 95% Alcohol content  - Ours has 70% since it is also mixed with 100% Pure Essential Oils.