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Chocolate Advent Calendar

Maggie Louise Confections


Remember the joy of the Advent calendar? Opening a new window each evening, discovering the treat of the day and anticipating what would be next. We’ve reimagined the advent calendar experience with unique chocolate shapes and classic, favorite flavors. Celebrate joy, holidays, and happiness with 25 pieces for 25 days (or 5 days… you do you!).

  • We use premium, responsibly sourced chocolate from Ecuador and Venezuela.
  • El Rey icoa White Chocolate, 34% cacao, Named Best White Chocolate in the World from 2012-2016
  • Republica del Cacao Milk Chocolate, 40% cacao
  • Republica del Cacao Dark Chocolate, 65% cacao
  • Gift Box Size: 11"x11"x1.5"