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After Dinner Amusements

Harper Group

$2.00 $8.95

Charades: Featuring 200 prompts from books, movies, television shows, and songs, this pocket-size take on classic charades makes for a lively guessing game for friends and family.

Family Time: Fifty thoughtful and playful questions about the past, present, and future will inspire great family conversations.

Name that word: In this fast-paced, family-friendly word game, one player must quickly describe a mystery word for their teammates without using any of the related terms listed on the card. The team that guesses the most words in the allotted time wins!

Truth or Dare for couples:  With fifty naughty truths and fifty challenging dares, this game is perfect for couples looking for delectable after-dinner fun

Do You Remember?: Fifty thought-provoking questions about players' pasts will spark sweet memories and lively discussion.