Heure du Thé | Ballon


Tea Leaves, Lemon and Basil

A touch of stimulating lemon soothed by an infusion of tea leaves. China Rose is enriched with a soothing bouquet of lily of the valley. A harmonious mix of water cedar and musks evokes a subtle essence for a relaxing meditative state.

Sizes - 

Small: 9oz, 60hrs burn time, 2 wicks

Medium: 16oz, 80hrs burn time, 3 wicks

Large 40oz, 150hrs burn time, 4 wicks


• Artisan mouth-blown glass from Europe

• Delicate French inspired perfumes mixed with essential oils from the U.S.

• Premium vegetable blend wax from the U.S.

• 100% cotton wicks from the U.S.

Made in United States of America